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Our devices will allow you to expand your clinic's rehabilitation programs using clinically tested methods built from the latest neurological research. Every one of our devices comes along with our unique software package that allows you to track your patients improvement over time and get quantitative feedback on their performance.

We know it can be hard to keep patients motivated and engaged in their recovery process, but we also know how important hands-on interaction with a therapist can be. Because of this, our goal is not to provide devices that replace therapists, but rather to give therapists the tools they need to spark recovery in their patients. See the information below for how you can incorporate each of our devices into your normal clinical practice.

The MusicGlove

The MusicGlove is intended to provide therapy to individuals with mild to moderate impairment of the hand. The custom software provides options for easily grading the difficulty of the therapy by changing the number of grip types the patient will be required to perform, or by selecting easier or harder songs. The software also tracks progress for each patient individually over time. This information is protected by a master password that is required for each user. Setting the system up is simple and straightforward, and timed sessions can be selected that end automatically to partially automate the therapy.  


In a randomized controlled trial, subjects demonstrated significant improvement in hand function pre- to post-assessment as measured by the Box and Blocks score after two weeks of training with the MusicGlove. Participants also showed a significantly greater improvement in these assessments while using the MusicGlove compared to the table-top exercises guided by a rehabilitation therapist (the control group, see figure to the right). 

The MusicGlove can also assess hand function, since the score obtained in the game correlates significantly with established clinical measures of hand function (such as the Box and Box test, p < 0.001).


Note: in the figure to the right, * denotes a significant improvement pre- to post-treatment (p = 0.009), and ** denotes a significant difference between the two training types (p = 0.01).



The clinic version of the MusicGlove includes everything you need to begin improving the lives of your patients:

  • A user friendly touch screen workstation with the MusicGlove software installed
  • 3 Left-handed MusicGloves (Small, Medium, and Large sizes)
  • 3 Right-handed MusicGloves (S,M,L)
  • A set of headphones
  • Alcohol cleaning swabs


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Offer effective, engaging, and motivating therapy to your patients. Learn why top rehabilitation institutions are now using the MusicGlove.


Patients have seen dramatic improvements in hand function after using MusicGlove at home. It provides an intense yet fun therapy regimen that you will actually want to do!

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